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In a small church there once lived a spider. His name was Cedric.

Lots of spiders lived in that church. They were all friends and they were all

master weavers of the most beautiful webs. But Cedric was very special.

Not only was his body multi-coloured, he could also weave in different colours.  

The spiders lived a very peaceful life.

Every now and then some people came to the church to sing and talk but they never did the spiders any harm.

On some occasions, the spiders didn't manage to crawl away in time. Sometimes that was funny, but sometimes it was not. 

Once a week Peggy came into church. The spiders recognized her straight away by the clattering noise of her cleaning bucket. Quickly the spiders crawled into their best hiding places. Within one hour Peggy destroyed all the spiders' webs.

As soon as she had gone, Cedric and his friends would creep out again and began to weave new webs all over the church, Cedric with multi-coloured silk and his friends with threads in shimmering silver.

It was beautiful.

One night a big storm struck.

The wind howled. Cedric and his friends huddled up together.

Suddenly there was a crash. Then it got very quiet and very cold in the church.

In the morning the storm had quietened down and the sun had come up again. The people came into the church to look at the damage.

The big stained glass window was broken.

The people were shocked and sad. "Our beautiful window!", they exclaimed. Some of them started to cry.

Cedric and his friends watched what was happening. Cedric said: "I know how we can help!"

Very quickly he let himself down a green silky thread, climbed to the big window and got to work.

The other spiders understood straight away and joined him. Together they wove their artistic webs into the broken church window. They worked all day and all night. And Cedric filled the webs with his multi-coloured silk. When they had finished they fell into a deep sleep.

When the morning sun shone through the church window it filled the church with the most beautiful colours. 

The people came running into the church and gasped. They were very happy. They thanked Cedric and his friends and promised never to destroy their spider webs again.

People from all over the country came to visit the church and look at the beautiful new windows. 

And the children were delighted when they spotted Cedric or one of his friends in a little corner somewhere in the church.